AL Project 3 - David, Rebecca & Irla

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Our Ideas

Create an inter/intradiciplinary space

Expanding the skill set of library patrons

Making people aware of library usage/features

Making visable the invisable consumables

Our revised and condensed idea/sentence

Make visible the invisible consumables of typical library usage by creating an inter/intradisciplinary space that encourages patrons to expand their skill set while becoming aware of new or existing library uses/resources.
I rotated this photo to make it easier to read. -Jason


What if it we expanded the knowledge of things so it took into account things which are not necessarily consumable, but indicative of how many invisible processes are happening in the library. Example: showing how many programs are running on the computers at once or during an entire day, or how many books have been checked out, phone calls received/made, visiting patrons in a day, energy being consumed by light, how many times the toilets flush, etc. This could be shown in various different ways, I am thinking of the exercise we did in class thinking about how to transform the decibel level reader in the intersection. I think that both of these ideas are important because they address some of the problems apparent in the March survey. -Kyle