AL Project 2 - Adam, Ben & Hannah

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The library is a place where people borrow things, they take things they bring them back, they take information and create information.

  • Create a trading post in the library. A place with a few objects where if someone wants an object they have to leave an object.
  • Create a place in the library where people can trade ideas. A post it note wall, a real life wiki, put it in a not very obvious place, but somewhere readily available.
  • Place post it notes in the books, ones with quotes from the books, ones with ideas about the books, and leave post it notes so people can comment as well. Create a piece of performance art which is a library quest.
  • Put a call number in each persons mailbox, one of 20, each of the books has a sticker in it that they can wear that is well designed, which directs the person to the next book, 1 of 19, eventually leading to one person getting a prize.