AL Project 1 - Rebecca & Jess

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Rebecca created a minute-by-minute textual map of what she observed in the library (.doc file): Library Observations

Excerpt from the first few minutes (downstairs):

<source lang="text"> 8:05 pm We are sitting together, discussing what we’re going to do for this project. Jessica’s cell phone rings. She says, “This is embarrassing. This is a library!” She speaks quietly. There are two people going through the DVD collection. They went immediately to the movies. Somebody walks to the front desk, probably asks a question and goes upstairs. 2 people in carrolls (right). 1 person goes upstairs. 7 at computers. Sean enters. 1 talks to front desk. 1 leaves. 1 sitting in front reading area. 2 in back right at computers, watching movie.

8:08 Sean spent about 30 seconds at computer, goes to front. Blonde girl goes upstairs. Jackson comes downstairs and leaves. People are speaking, but it is in muted tones. Sean is laughing.

8:10 Tall girl stolls downstairs and immediately leaves.

8:11 Sean says goodbye and leaves. Couple who was watching movie on computer go to front desk then girl leaves. Girl enters, alarm beeps – she goes to front. Movie searching couple. Blonde girl comes downstairs. 1 leaves. Movie searching girl returns. Jessica goes upstairs. </source>