AL Project 1 - Irla & Ben

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Project One: Site Mapping

IMG 4062.JPG

9:45 pm Sept. 12, Main Floor

Entrance lounge - 2 people He sits at the chair closest to the stairs he reads, a notebook is open by his feet on the floor. Another student sits on the other side of the coffee table, she has a stack of books in her lap.

Checkout desk – 2 people A chat starts between the clerk and a fellow student

Magazine lounge – 2 people One student reads a science textbook and takes notes. She is startled when I decided to sit next to her on the couch. Another student reads a paperback book and takes notes in her notebook.

Computer bank – all but 3 computers are being used. 2 people work between the stacks and the computers everyone else works at the computers for a while.

Map section – 1 person. A student works between the computer and an atlas.

Carrel near map area – 1 person Highlights a paper, and chats on IM with her laptop.

Reading room – 1 person She is sleeping and lifts her head as I pass in the hallway.

Meeting room – 2 people They are watching a movie.

Art stacks – 1 person The student works between the computer bank and these stacks.

Computer downstairs – 1 person Reads emails switches screens when I pass, must have been a good email. I pass again and she has a word document open.

Downstairs lounge – 1 person Checking email on his laptop.

10:30 am Sept. 11, Main Floor

Computer bank- 3 people. All three people use computers 15min or more.

Magazines – 1 person. Playing chess alone.

Study Carols (front wall)- 1 person.


Only one person is upstairs, using a study carol (front wall)

1:45 pm Sept. 11 Main Floor

Computer bank- 8 people It seems that 50% of people using the computers at this time use them for 5 min. or less, generally printing papers. Computers use turn over is high.

Magazines – 2 people. Casually chatting. Friendly.

Lounge near library offices – 2 people. Reading.

Study area behind magazines – 2 people. Upstairs

Central lounge – 1 person. Reading.

Meeting Room – 1 person. Reading/studying.

Reading Room – 1 person. Reading/studying.

Lounge #1 (Garden side) – 2 people. Snuggling couple in one armchair. Must be love.

Lounge #2 (Garden side) – 2 people. Reading/studying.

All people on upper floor seemed territorial over their place of study/reading. Unwelcoming glances cast at newcomers or passers by. People seem to avoid sitting in an area already occupied by others. At all points in the day sound seems like a barrier or distracting. I am overly aware of the noise my shoes make when passing through etc.