AL Project 1 - Hannah & Kasia

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1:00pm Sunday
Sitting by the computers:

7 out of 11 computers are in use in the main computer area.
1 person walks on walks upstairs for a minute and then leaves.
1 person walks in talks to a person sitting at the computers, then stands in the checkout line behind a girl who gets something off reserve and leaves. The person standing behind her talks to the person at checkout and then comes back to the girl at the computer.
1 person at the computer leaves.
1 person walks in.
2 people come in and go directly downstairs.
The person who was at the computer who left came back.
1:05 Sunday
Kasia shows up and we discuss writing a time map in which every 15 minutes we map where everyone is in the library.

We walk upstairs, there are surprisingly a lot of people there. there are 2 people by the windows, 5 people at desks, 4 people sitting in the chairs in the books stacks and 2 people in the books stacks. I was surprised by the amount of people there, I don't spend much time on the second floor. We found an amazing book of the complete works of Little Nemo in Slumberland.

We went to the basement and there were 2 people sitting by the window (each in one of the 2 places that I sit when I come to read), there was a pile of work on one of the tables abandoned. There were about 6 people at the desks.

We went back to the main floor and discussed how to map the library. I went to the main desk to ask if there was a map and the guy at the desk was confused by this question so I told him never mind. I went back to the table and started drawing a map. Kasia looking at my map was reminded of something she was told about how looking at people drawing a map shows a lot about how they use the space. We discuss having a table in commons where we get people to draw a floor plan of the floor they know the best. We set up a format of the project. It looks like this:

I use the library for:

1)On the back of this paper, draw a sketch of the library
(the floor you know the best)
2)Label sketch

We decided that this would be a more interesting way of mapping the library than every 15 minutes mapping where everyone is so we nix our original idea and start planning how to get people to draw maps.