AL Project 1 - David & Kyle

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We decided to do a sort of mapping project. We took an inventory of people in the library from 1-5pm. Every hour on the hour we came in to collect information. We made copies of the floor plans to show exactly where people were working, which we can show in class.


Upstairs 5 total- 2 of them using reading desks, 1 using the mac computer, 1 reading in a chair, and one browsing in the pr's.

Main floor 14 total-6 in offices, 6 using computers, one browsing videos, and 2 reading in chairs.

Lower floor 3 total- 1 using computer, 2 reading by the garden


Upstairs Same as 1:00pm except there was a class happing in the meeting room which had 15 students.

Main Floor 17 total- 8 using computers, 6 in offices, 1 looking at maps, 1 reading

Lower floor- 2 total, they were the same people as before except the girl using the computer left.

3:00 PM

Upstairs There was one person upstairs sitting in a chair reading.

Main Floor 16 total- 1 person at the front desk, 7 people at the computers, 1 person leaving the library, and 6 people in various offices.

Downstairs 1 person studying at a desk using her laptop, 1 person shelving books, 1 person walking around, 1 person sitting at a table who was there every time I checked


Upstairs 4 total- 2 reading, 1 browsing, 1 walking around

Main Floor 16 total- 6 using computers,5 in offices, 3 reading, 1 browsing

Lower Floor One man working who had been there when we started taking down information at 1:00pm.

5:00 PM

Upstairs 2 total- 1 reading, 1 studying

Main Floor 14 total- 1 in an office, 1 at the front desk, 1 leaving, 4 at computers, 1 looking at the periodicals, 3 reading and talking, 2 watching something at a viewing station, 1 looking at DVDs

Downstairs 4 total- 2 working on laptops, 1 on a library computer, 1 man working who had been there since we started taking down information