AL Project 1 - Adam & Luce

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Visual Language Realization

Thinking about the Tower of Babel, we were confident enough to challenge God a second time.
Initially, we thought a lot about different paths and zones of frequency in the library. Hot Zones if you will. Continuing to unpack this idea, and through our discussion of the reading, we opted to consider accessibility as an focus. For this, we've made a visual map that attempts to be an interface to the shelves of the library. In this way, a common ground is accessed in the form of Visual Language.
We started at the top.


Brainstorming ideas of a common language, we attempted to identify a series of images that could replace shelf titles. Why list "Physics" on a shelf when a picture of Einstein could be more accessible? the direction is not constrained by an understanding of English. Sure, you'd need to know english to enjoy/tap into the books on the shelves in Crossett, but the visual language is the crux of our idea.

Rethinking the Card Catalog

Imagine getting an image to help you parse a book's location, rather than a string of text. Letters are symbols until they are combined into words and then become something more, so why not push the idea a bit further.

[ML] [N] [NA] [NB] [ND] [NE] [NX] [P] [PF] [PL] [PN] [PQ] [PR] [PS] [PT] [PZ] [TR]