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This page shows a step by step walkthrough of a patron coming up to the screen, browsing, logging in, and leaving a message with no bookmark plugged in

Home Screen Idle

Whenever someone comes up to the screen this is the first thing they see, I'm not sure if the "you are not logged in thing should show unless someone is actually using the system to prevent burn in.
WIREFRAME Home Version3.jpg

Home Screen Interaction

This image shows some interaction with the home screen, it shows the user browsing information by rolling over various information. When the patron touches the screen it counts as a mouse-over, when they lift up it counts as a click. Think of it like the iphone/ipod touch keyboard When the patron touches a message, it is readable. Also when the user interacts with the screen, the "you are not logged in" pane changes into a login pane
WIREFRAME Home Interaction Version3.jpg

Message View

In this image it shows that the user has just "clicked" on the message that they were previewing before by touching it and lifting up. It is now viewable in the center of the screen and other messages have moved out of its way. There is an indicator that shows that it is sorting messages by the book title.
WIREFRAME Message View Version3 Edit.jpg

Logging In

The patron is now logging in. They put their full name and student ID number into the login box and press the login button on the keyboard. There is a "Forgot Login" button below login fields that would link to the help page.
WIREFRAME Message View LoggingIn Version3 Edit5.jpg

Logged In

The patron is now logged in.
WIREFRAME Message View LoggedIn Version3 Edit2.jpg

Message Leaving

When the patron selects either leave a message or tag, the message creation screen comes up. It now is set up so the input boxes and previous messages are in a drawer over the keyboard. You can scroll by pressing the scroll buttons.
WIREFRAME Message View LeavingMessage Version3.jpg