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Prototype teams

One team on each floor and one person for each role in each team--insert your name into one role.


Gently guides the person through the prototype.
Do not show the participants what to do, let then try to figure things out for themselves (this will reveal issues we need to work on or confirm our choices)
If there is a question, perhaps ask the participant to do what they think is correct/ the right thing to do, so we can learn what might be a better solution than what we have.
Remember we are trying to learn about the strengths of our choices, so even if someone is a bit uncomfortable, we need them to try to figure things out.


Acts as the computer--displays appropriate screens based on user choices.
Facilitators: Rebecca, Hannah, David


Documents the prototype session--video. (WHO OWNS OR HAS ACCESS TO VIDEO CAMERAS?)
takes notes
asks follow-up questions to the tester

I want to document. but i dont have a video camera. does preston have access to video stuff? - jess


External testers

Erin McKenny, Amy Kuzmicki, Donald Sherefkin, Amie Jo McClellen
Student testers: ??

Walk Through

Step 1: Bookmark in book on shelf.

- Post-its?

Step 2: User is directed to take bookmark to interface at end of shelf.

- Directions on back of bookmark?

Step 3: Interface at rest.

- Scrolling through map? Without signing in we can open links and look at comments but not edit.

Step 4: Bookmark activates interface.

- Name of bookmark (Chester) pops up. Last comment is displayed.
Begin Choose Your Own Adventure here...
Option a) View more comments. Go to Step 5.
Option b) Close comments. Go to Step 6.

Step 5: View more comments.

- A history of comments made on Chester is shown.
- Do we want an option to open links to titles and users at this point?
Close comments. Go on to Step 6.

Step 6: Marking a book.

- Do you want to mark a book now?
Option a) Scan a book and mark it with Chester. Go to Step 7.
Option b) No thanks, maybe later. Close message box. Go on to Step 10.

Step 7: Scan a book.

- You are prompted to log in if you have not already (Scan your ID or type in your username and password). Do you want to leave a comment?
Option a) Yes. Go to Step 8.
Option b) No. Go to Step 9.

Step 8: Leaving a comment.

- Dialogue box pops up. Type your comment. Hit approve.
Go on to Step 9.

Step 9: Notify the User of the website, and the additional options it provides.

- Thank you! You can sign on to the Bookmark website at any time and add comments and additional files and information to the books you have marked!
Go to Step 10.

Step 10: Navigate Web.

- Touching an icon will expand aspects of the web as they relate to Chester. Let's say Blue Dot stands for Users. Touching the Blue Dot will expand the Users that have used Chester. Touching the Red Dot will expand the Books Chester has marked. For the Walk Through, let's keep it simple with just these three items, Bookmarks, Books/Media (better name?), and Users (also a better name?). Touching the name "Chester" will bring up comments again.
Option a) View Books/Media web. Go to Step 11.
Option b) View Users web. Go to Step 12.
Option c) View comments. Go to Step 5.

Step 11: Books/Media web.

- We need 10 or so actual titles with real live comments and other pertinent information (call number?). Comments need to be connected to a User and have a date and time. Each title will have an expanding web connected to it similar to the one connected to the bookmark, with users who have marked the book, and bookmarks that have marked the book. Let's get a few books from each floor.
Fill in options here based on titles we have chosen.

Step 12: Users web.

- We will need some example Users complete with User comments for this. The comments will come from the books but need to be translated to the User pages as well. Each User will have an expanding web connected to it similar to the one connected to the bookmark, with books the user has marked, and bookmarks the user has employed.
Fill in options here

Other Notes/Ideas/Worries go here

Please leave your name when you post here (and when you add things to the Walk Through section), it will make it easier to discuss things.

Ideas for books to use (well known titles are preferable):

Oh! and we need to come up with a good, concise description of our project for the "What is a Bookmark?" link that will be in the corner of every page. This needs to include a description of how to access the web page from your own computer and what you can do there.

I'm no good at writing concise directions - for the project itself - but is this adequate for the web stuff?
By logging on to the Bookmark website ( you can browse the Book Web, upload files and edit your comments. --Rgrabman 15:16, 28 November 2007 (EST)

Jess, this looks great. Don't see too much that needs to be expanded; has anyone used the omni outliner yet? I'll post one to the Wiki.
What's not to love about a good choose your own adventure? --AdamFreed 00:04, 27 November 2007 (EST)

Bookmark Description:

Bookmarks are playful creatures that live in the Crossett Library. They can be found in books located in the stacks and contain messages left by members of the Bennington community. These messages, specific to the book where the mark is found, are accessed via computer stations in the library. Once you access the Bookmark portal, you can view the history of messages left within that Bookmark, view other messages left by that Bookmark's author or create a new message of your own to be placed within the book of your choosing. Over time, the Bookmark portal will grow to include a vast network of messages and comments that reflect the interests and passions of current and past students, faculty and staff.

Bookmarks were created during the course The Augmented Library: A Site Specific Installation, during the Fall 2007 and Spring 2008 terms.

Robert Ransick
Joe Holt

Director of the Library:
Oceana Wilson

Digital Arts Technician:
Preston Noon

Ben Choiniere

Adam Freed
Jess Funston

Rebecca Grabman
Jason Irla

David Meresman

Luce de Palchi

Kyle Schroeder

Hannah Wolfe

Bookmarks was supported by the Bennington Dean's Office and funded by the Mellon Foundation. Thank you!

Instruction text on the actual Bookmark:

I contain a message that you can access by placing me on a Bookmark dock at any computer station in the library.

I'm more than meets the eye....
Take to a computer station and place me on the Bookmark dock to reveal why.


TO DO: Draw up visuals

Books We Can Use

I just walked around the library and wrote down a few books from each floor, in different areas, at different heights with different appeals. The list:

First Floor

  • 100 Banned Books (2658.U5 K35)
  • Sailor's Valentines (TT 862.F662)
  • The Anatomy Coloring Book (QM 25.K36)
  • Extraterrestrials: WHERE ARE THEY? (QB 54.E95)
  • Why Johnny Can't Read (LB 1573.3.F58)
  • Islam and Democracy in the Middle East (JQ 1758.A58)
  • Secrets of VooDoo-Rigauld(BL 2490.R5313 1970)
  • Observations on the Feeling of Beautiful and Sublime-Kant (BH 183.K313 1960 C.1)

Second Floor

  • The Three Musketeers (in the New Books section; PQ 2228.A355)
  • Contemporary Gay American Novelists (REF PS 374.H63)
  • The Book of Kells (REF ND 3359.K4)

Third Floor

  • Don Quixote (PQ 6329.A25)
  • Hamlet (PR 2754.08)
  • Paradise Lost (PR 3552.E33)
  • Paintings in the Louvre (N 2030.A6779)
  • The Hobbit (PR 6039.032)
  • Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? (PS 3551.L25)
  • The Graphic Work of MC Escher (NE 670.E75)
  • Sol LeWitt, A Retrospective-SFMOMA (N 6537 .L46 A4 2000
  • Ellen Gallagher, Preserve-Des Moines Art Center (N 6337.G347 A4 2001)
  • The Sound and the Fury w/ As I Lay Dieing-Faulkner (PS 3511.A86 S6 1946 C.2)

Rgrabman 14:54, 28 November 2007 (EST)
Jirla 15:07, 28 November 2007 (EST)

Users & Comments

We need less users so users will have commented on more than one book.

Amanda Fish
Sam Pull
Rita Lotts
Paige Turner
Warren Piece
Zeke N. Yeshallfind
Joe King
Al Luminum

Each "set" of comments in an independent entity -- info does not link across "sets"!!


Sol LeWitt A Retrospective, SFMOMA
(N 6537. L46 A4 2000)

1] "What I find interesting is that Sol LeWitt began painting some of his black structures white because he wanted them to become part of the whiteness of the wall."
1/03/07 Amanda Fish

2] "Sol LeWitt's obsession with cubes in space is not as simple as it seems. He investigates the relationship between the object and the space it's in by pulling the structure in all
different directions. He fills the space up and then strips it. Sol LeWitt has been an inspiration to my plan here at Bennington."
2/29/07 Al Luminum

3] "I only knew about his wall paintings before. It was nice to see a wider range of his work."
3/30/07 Warren Piece

One Five Four, Lebbeus Woods
(NA 737. W661 W661 1-989)

4] "Lebbeus Woods is interested in representing what he feels to be the ideal. Although his work appears unreal, one can see the underlying fundamentals of a building (or an object)."
4/1/07 Warren Piece

5] "I remember when Lebbeus Woods came to talk at Bennington. His lecture didnt feel like a lecture, he was a poet lyrically describing his ideas. He taught me the difference between
what is complex and what is complicated." 5/2/07 Amanda Fish

6] "Experimental architecture is soo cool! I especially like the lecture-driven format of his book. I would of wanted more illustrations on his work in the Cooper Union or even still
in school. Regardless it's a great read!"
6/4/07 Al Luminum

100 Banned Books, Nicholas J. Karolides, Margaret Bald, Dawn B. Sova
(Z658.U5 K35 1999 )

7] "I found it very interesting the variety of reasons why books were banned."
7/28/07 Sam Pull

8] "The history of Bible Banning is particularly varied. I was surprised by some of the reasons it was banned."
8/29/07 Warren Piece

9] "I can't believe the Grapes of Wrath was banned in Kansas City for obscenity. Of Mice and Men was also banned! (for "crude" language.) I'm glad i get to read Steinbeck.
9/30/07 Amanda Fish

The Constitution of the United States of America, United States
(FOLIO KF 4525 2006) 10] "I don't think the drawings really added anything to the reader's understanding of the Constitution
10/31/07 Sam Pull

11] "The Illustrations really made the constitution come alive.
11/27/07 Joe King

12] "I love the cross-hatching technique! I really started to get into old ink drawings after looking at some of Gory's work. I love this book"
12/30/07 Paige Turner


The Book of Kells by Francoise Henry
(REF ND 3359.k4)

13] "I want to get one of the sweet drawings as a tatoo! No page numbers make this book difficult to resume."
11/25/07 Warren Peice

14] "Found a great quote from the intro: " The student engrossed in the unexpected exploration of these drawings is soon overpowered by a sense of strength and mystery." I totally agree!"
11/27/07 Sam Pull

15] " I liked looking through the Book of Kells' imagery and then reading the explanations in the other half of the book."
11/28/07 Warren Peice

Contemporary Gay American Novelists Ed. Emmanuel Nelson
(PS 374.H63 C66 1993)

16] " I just read Chris Isherwood for the first time for an Annabel class. I love his descriptions of Weimar-era Berlin! Reading his biography on pg. 211 gave me a great understanding of the writer behind the text."
11/15/07 Sam Pull

17] " Why is this book only full of men? Why were the women writer's excluded from the text? THIS BOOK IS SEXIST!"
11/20/07 Rita Lotts

18] "It's inspirational..."
11/28/07 Anonymous