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Version 1

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Joe 12:45, 9 March 2008 (EDT)

Idle, Logged out

This is the Logged Out page, everything you see with an X through it is a permanent or static feature on the page.

A question I have is when this is the state of the bookmark screen, resting, should there be a screen saver running? I worry about burning images into the touch screen if it's left in a static or resting state for too log. Maybe we could design a semi-transparent screen saver that would begin if the screen is resting for too long but that will still allow for the contents of the page to be semi visible. Ideas?Jirla

While Apple claims there will not be image burn, If the monitor is left on 24/7 (we won't), it becomes a temporary issue(i've had it in another project)--temporary because you can run the system screensaver and it will eliminate the burn. It's something that should be considered in the sense that when our system is in a normal standby state, the messages should be animated somehow (you call it screensaver in the wireframes, but that's really not the best word) and the navigation may fade out or something. I don't think it is going to be a major concern if systems are powered down at night.Robert_Ransick 07:57, 8 March 2008 (EST)
It'd be easy to code the front end to blank the screen between midnight and 8am, or whatever (perhaps still waking up in response to touches, in case of ghosts wanting to use it). Idle mode (ie, "screensaver") could lose all the permanent elements and fill the screen with a fantastical random never-ending comment traversal. I don't want to see the screen black during library hours. Joe 12:22, 9 March 2008 (EDT)
I agree with Joe. Whenever the library is open there should be something happening on the screens. Dmeresman 13:52, 9 March 2008 (EDT)
The idle mode is something I would really like to happen. This condition (screen with a fantastical random never-ending comment traversal)has the opportunity to be very interesting and could bring users into to the system. --BChoiniere 14:00, 9 March 2008 (EDT)
Absolutely, constant action has always been the ticket--it's where the "screensaver" wording comes in and why I keep saying screensaver is the wrong word--cause it's dynamic, interactive and integral to the project to have some pretty visualizations that run when the system is not being interacted with, it's not an overlay or screensaver in the strict sense of the word--when a user selects an item, the screensaver doesn't stop to reveal our desktop/interface, it's there all the time.Robert_Ransick 19:17, 9 March 2008 (EDT)

Idle LoggedOut.jpg

Login Failed

Login Failed page. If a Patron has forgotten his or her login info they can use the "forget Login Info" feature to retrieve or learn what their Login info is, probably should be directed to a page that explains that Login info is Last name, First name and Pasword being the student's ID#.

Perhaps the logged out link text should read "How to log in" or "What's my patron name?" I like systems that include a "Why?" link next to items, and this is a good place. "Why should I log in?" goes to a short help page explaining leaving comments, etc. These things can be fine tuned once the system is beginning to work and we're self-testing and user-testing. Joe 12:26, 9 March 2008 (EDT)
I'd prefer something friendlier than "invalid". Perhaps instead of a momentary message, the "login help" page can come up. Joe 12:27, 9 March 2008 (EDT)
The "login help" page could be annoying as a pop up. What if I realized I skipped a letter or pressed an incorrect key, just before pressing the login button? I do this fairly often, particuarly if I can only see the place-holder characters instead of letters: I may have nudged the "6" key instead of the "5" and I wouldn't realize until it told me there was an error. I don't want help, just another attempt. I guess it would depend on the size/placement/content of the "login help" screen. Rgrabman 13:08, 11 March 2008 (EDT)


Sorting-Logged Out

Sort by Author/Editor/Director, Logged out
Sort by Patron, Logged out
Sort by Bookmark, Logged out
Sort by Tag, Logged out
Sort by Book/VHS/DVD Logged out

I imagine this is as the sort feature, these forms when filled out could bring the Patron to the relevant information.

The Darker grey color is a layer or transparent screen with the blue box being "in front" of the layer. I'm trying to have as much information open in the "screensaver" area as possible to save on real estate etc. I imagine the "screensaver" area as an iFrame of sorts.Jirla

If those are input boxes next to the author, patron, etc boxes for someone to enter a title, name etc. and find a match, then this is what I would call a search and not a sort. A sort would be if I can choose to select one of those items (author, patron etc) and then all the comments would be displayed by the chosen item (author, patron etc.)--it's like saying show me all the authors in the system or all the patrons etc.--the challenge is how to display them in a manner the shows them clearly and I would showed age--oldest receding and newest foregrounded or some such. If we decided we did not want to sort (what about tags?) than this should be called search. You could easily have a sort button on the search box that flipped it to the sort by option. Understand?Robert_Ransick 18:22, 9 March 2008 (EDT)
Number one: "Sort" or "Search"? This seems more like a search to me. Number two: Having all the search fields presented at once is a little confusing to me. Could we do a pull down menu or something? Jfunston 12:23, 14 March 2008 (EDT)

Sort LoggedOut.jpg

Sort-Logged In

Sort by Author/Editor/Director, Logged in
Sort by Patron, Logged in
Sort by Bookmark, Logged in
Sort by Tag, Logged in
Sort by Book/VHS/DVD Logged in

I have been thinking, besides maybe a shift in color to indicate that a user is logged in, should we allow the "logged In" patron to have more sort features? Or instead of adding features (actually I am in favor of not adding features) we could limit the sort options or features for a not logged in user. Anybody else have an opinion about this?Jirla

I know David is working through a better, more interactive solution to this feature. Should be closer to what we used in our end of term paper wireframes.Jirla

I like the idea of having both sorting options. One for when you are browsing, and one for when you want a more "search like" type of sorting Dmeresman
The "you have new comments" notice replacing the log in feature is really nice. Unobtrusive and immediately noticeable when you log in. Rgrabman 13:11, 11 March 2008 (EDT)

Logged In Sort.jpg

Recent messages on books I’ve left messages on

See recent messages left of book(s) Patron has recently commented on.

I think we should have the authors name on the message window, along with the book title.Robert_Ransick 18:23, 9 March 2008 (EDT)
(See "message" detail I left below) There needs to be a method to "tag this book", '"leave a message"' and "see all messages"Robert_Ransick 18:30, 9 March 2008 (EDT)


Recent Messages expanded to see full/all comments

This is also a view showing the option to add or respond to comments/book

I thought we decided that we were using "messages" to describe content left by patrons? Are "comments" something different? If not, let's stay with what has been decided.Robert_Ransick 18:25, 9 March 2008 (EDT)
What, exactly, is happening in the background during this? Are there other comment bubbles (with an alpha overlay) moving about? Unless they are sufficiently faded into the background, it could be very hard to focus on the comments the patron is actually browsing through. Rgrabman 13:15, 11 March 2008 (EDT)
What's the difference between the light blue (teal, if you will) comments here and the orange ones? Jfunston 22:40, 13 March 2008 (EDT)
Also, is the blue text entry box an alternative to the onscreen keyboard? They don't both exist, do they? Which one are we using? Jfunston 12:19, 14 March 2008 (EDT)


Tagging Window

I was a little unclear on how to handle not only the comments but also the tags. I think this works but it could be tweaked to perform better(?). If anyone thinks this should go this way or that, please say so.Jirla

It's fine, but see my comments above. Although, an argument could be made for having the tag option as part of the message input option. Robert_Ransick 18:31, 9 March 2008 (EDT)
So this allows a patron to tag ANY book that is already in the system, and does not obligate them to tag one as they comment on it, correct? I think it's a nice balance. I definately approve of the list of tags that are already associated with the item. Is there a way to edit/remove tags that you added? What if you change your mind or misspell something, etc? Rgrabman 13:17, 11 March 2008 (EDT)


Browse Sort by Book Logged out

While logged out the patron browses messages and sorts by book. I based this on the way things worked in the paper prototype. Dmeresman

"Leave Message" and "Tag Book" shouldn't be active when not logged in. Clicking on them prompts the patron to log in first. Joe 12:34, 9 March 2008 (EDT)
We discussed color-coding the different sort parts so that comments could be more easily identifiable. All comments are ultimately "on" a book, but the reason the particular comments are shown depends on what's selected: book, author, etc. Eg, blue backgrounds on the comments for when it's related to book, pink for author, etc. Joe 12:38, 9 March 2008 (EDT)
Joe is talking about the "sort" which needs to be clarified as per my comments above. There could be an argument for having the "leave a message" and "tag book" options there and if you are not logged in, then a window explaining you must be logged in and how to login could come up.Robert_Ransick 18:38, 9 March 2008 (EDT)
Are these blue (teal) comment boxes the same as the one from the previous frame? Jfunston 00:28, 14 March 2008 (EDT)

WIREFRAME Browse SortBook Logout.jpg

Browse Sort by Book Logged in

While logged in the patron browses messages and sorts by book. I based this on the way things worked in the paper prototype. Not sure why I didn't have an "x" through the main pane on the logged out wireframes. Dmeresman

These look great! And much truer to what we discussed and practiced in our user testing last term. Jirla

WIREFRAME Browse SortBook Login.jpg

Browse Sort by Book Author Logged out

While logged out the patron browses messages and sorts by book author. I based this on the way things worked in the paper prototype. Dmeresman

This is good, but it is a couple steps into "browsing" or "searching", as a single book is on display. What about if I want to "sort" everything by Patrons in order to see all the Patrons in the system before selecting one to read the messages they have left?Robert_Ransick 18:45, 9 March 2008 (EDT)

WIREFRAME Browse SortAuthor Logout.jpg

Browse Sort by Book Author Logged in

While logged in the patron browses messages and sorts by book author. I based this on the way things worked in the paper prototype. Dmeresman

WIREFRAME Browse SortAuthor Login2.jpg

Browse Sort by Patron Logged out

While logged out the patron browses messages and sorts by patron. I based this on the way things worked in the paper prototype. Dmeresman

WIREFRAME Browse SortPatron Logout.jpg

Browse Sort by Patron Logged in

While logged in the patron browses messages and sorts by patron. I based this on the way things worked in the paper prototype. Dmeresman

WIREFRAME Browse SortPatron Login.jpg

Browse Sort by Tag Logged out

While logged out the patron browses messages and sorts by tag. Messages come up that included tagging a book, or if no message was left when tagging, a recent message from that book. I based this on the way things worked in the paper prototype. Dmeresman

I'm a little unclear... If Sam Pull wrote on a copy of Hamlet, "This is my favorite play" and tagged it as "Danish", then clicking to sort by the keyword (Danish) would pull up that specific message. But if somebody added the tag "Danish", but left this tag without also writing a message, I would just get whatever the most recent Hamlet message was, whether it was by Sam Pull or Amanda Fish or whomever. Is this correct? Rgrabman 13:27, 11 March 2008 (EDT)

WIREFRAME Browse SortTag Logout.jpg

Browse Sort by Tag Logged in

While logged in the patron browses messages and sorts by tag. Messages come up that included tagging a book, or if no message was left when tagging, a recent message from that book. I based this on the way things worked in the paper prototype. Dmeresman

WIREFRAME Browse SortTag Login.jpg

FAQ Logged in

A question I asked myself while making the Faqs pages was, does the Logged in and logged out versions need to be different content wise? Or can it just be a simple changing colors in the logged in/out theme? I don't know. I think it's easier and makes more sense to me to keep the content the same and just shift the color scheme. Am I missing something?

I have the same question about the help pages. David you're so organized with the information of the site, does it make sense to change the content?Jirla
I don't think the content needs to change between logged in and logged out. Dmeresman
I don't know what you all plan to have in an FAQ page, as it was never part of our functionality list. Was it? If we have it, I think it's the same for both...but again, what is it and how does it differ from the About and Help pages?Robert_Ransick 19:08, 9 March 2008 (EDT)
If a patron is logged in, they probably don't need to consult the "how do I log in?" entry. :) Rgrabman 13:29, 11 March 2008 (EDT)

Faqs LoggedIn.jpg

FAQ Logged out

Faqs loggedOut.jpg

The Ahhhhh Moment, An onscreen Keyboard

I imagine this keyboard as functioning similar to the one on the iPhone/iPod Touch. It's away when you don't need it but when there is an action that requires it, say like hitting the "add comment or tag" button, it will just pop up from the bottom of the screen and then disappear again after the user hits the return button or close button. This keyboard should be programed to appear whenever an action requires it, sorting, searching, commenting, tagging etc. Tech team, is this something that can be accomplished? I don't know how difficult it will be to do it the way I imagine or even how it will evolve through our discussion. I hope it will work, I think it could be a very nice feature even though initially I wasn't very attached to it.Jirla 14:48, 9 March 2008 (EDT)

Oh yeah, that blank key in the bottom left corner is a shift key, you'll see I fixed it in the numbers keyboard belowJirla 15:03, 9 March 2008 (EDT)

There needs to be a button for "saving" on the keyboard. I would like to think about this as integrated into the window that you are adding the text--meaning that when you clicked a text box for inserting text, the entire window expands to include the keyboard. I can clarify tomorrow.Robert_Ransick 19:12, 9 March 2008 (EDT)
Another key (or at least provision in the touch interface) you may want, would allow the user to place the cursor in the middle of a string of text. Often if I have made a mistake on the iPhone keyboard I have to delete letters to get back to where I made the mistake. --BChoiniere 09:36, 10 March 2008 (EDT)
I'm definately not a fan of the "always on" keyboard. If it's all or nothing, my gut reaction is that nothing would be better. Rgrabman 13:33, 11 March 2008 (EDT)


Numbers Keyboard

What's the Up Arrow key in the lower left? Shift? Shifting what? Joe 21:57, 9 March 2008 (EDT)
Shift key for CAPS. Remember, this is not design yet :) Robert_Ransick 22:52, 9 March 2008 (EDT)
Ah yeah, shifting numbers? got itRobert_Ransick 22:57, 9 March 2008 (EDT)

KeyB W-Numbers.jpg

Help Logged in

This is the page that will come up when the patron clicks on the help menu when they are logged in. I just put in filler text for now. Dmeresman 13:35, 9 March 2008 (EDT)

WIREFRAME Help Login.jpg

Help Logged out

WIREFRAME Help Logout.jpg

About Logged in

This is the page that will come up when the patron clicks on the help menu when they are logged in. I just put the text in from the paper prototype from last term. Dmeresman 13:35, 9 March 2008 (EDT)

WIREFRAME About Login.jpg

About Logged out

WIREFRAME About Logout.jpg

Message Leaving with Bookmark Programming

I imagine the messages on the page moving out of the way of the keyboard as it comes up, so that the patron can still see those if they want. The message leaving window could at first be attached but then break off and transform into a normal message window after it is saved. The bookmark would be programmed through a panel that wouldn't be there when there wasn't a bookmark docked. For programming the bookmarks the user would select one of the boxes and then a spot on the gradient, or just select the random option. I have a filler here for a RGB gradient because I wasn't sure how to make one in Illustrator. There's something that I don't like about it though, maybe the bookmark programming should be part of the keyboard, not sure.Dmeresman 21:16, 9 March 2008 (EDT)

When I got home from work tonite I sat down to make this page myself. I got stumped so I thought I would look at your sort pages and then noticed that you had added this page! :) I really like how you handled it, this is a complicated page to work out. I was imagining the bookmark programing window dropping into the screen from above, similar to how the keyboard does. When the patron is done programing the bookmark I thought there should be a save and eject button that could be hit and then the window would disappear. Maybe that is complicating it beyond what it needs to be, but I think it would help maximize on-screen real estate and keep the functionality of it streamlined, keep in mind that is an opinion based on little to no programing knowledge.Jirla 00:26, 10 March 2008 (EDT)
I posted a detail of where I was going with my idea, however it is far less completed than Davids.Jirla 00:33, 10 March 2008 (EDT)
We can talk more about this today. Also, don't forget to have an "about this bookmark" section.Robert_Ransick 06:31, 10 March 2008 (EDT)
Can we clarify what was decided about the Bookmark LED Programming Box? I assume this is not what it looks like. Is it a part of the Keyboard? Jfunston 00:31, 14 March 2008 (EDT)

WIREFRAME LeaveMessage Bookmark Login.jpg

Detail of my half made bookmark programing pane. Notice David's far more organized approach.Jirla
I really like the idea of putting the bookmarks name in the "leave a new message" link. It really helps add personality to them. Dmeresman 10:59, 10 March 2008 (EDT)
I like that too. There ought to be small picture of the bookmark as well as the name, color coded with its pattern. The Bookmark identity should be prominent. Joe 12:30, 10 March 2008 (EDT)
P.S. Just noticed the "Eject". We should design the dock UI such that it's very forgiving. The user ought to be able to take the bookmark out at any time -- not just when we say they can (they may not be paying attention). On the tech side, there's no need to have an "eject" action. Also, both Processing and the bookmark will be able to know when they've been docked. I think the bookmark should make some happy flash when it's docked and removed (positive feedback). Joe 12:33, 10 March 2008 (EDT)

Yeah I see what you mean Joe. I think that's a good idea. I wasn't sure how docking and eject would work which is why I made that button, it's due to my limited experience/knowledge of the functionality of dockable drives etc. I'm certainly not married to the idea, gets scrap it. I also like the idea of tieing/inserting the bookmarks personality or history to its on screen presence. Is it possible from a programing point of view to have the bookmark retain an "icon" image. Like on a mac (I don't know this works on a PC) when you change say a external hard drives icon or a flash drives icon to something else, you know how it stays with the flash drive, can we do this with the bookmarks?Jirla 15:51, 10 March 2008 (EDT)

What happens if the patron removes the bookmark while the 'set color' options are available (while leaving a "docked message")?? Does the color option disappear? Does it prompt them to reinsert the bookmark? Does it just send the information and ignore the fact that it didn't go anywhere? Rgrabman 13:37, 11 March 2008 (EDT)

BM MEssage Idea detail.jpg

Sort Revised, With Info Cloud and Keyboard Input idea (rough)

In order of appearance
Info Cloud, animated swirling floating around, catch me if you can, touch me poke me I'm the info cloud man(well icon anyways).

I lIke this direction, but went we get to design, I want to strongly suggest these not be squares (I know, this is wireframe and not design!)Robert_Ransick 07:30, 11 March 2008 (EDT)
Yikes! Trying to pick out elements from this wireframe... Are these boxes all the same, only different colors? Are these structurally the same as the blue/teal comment boxes in above frames? Jfunston 00:33, 14 March 2008 (EDT)

Info Cloud.jpg
Info cloud with the sort "tag " selected. Narrows down the info feild. Sort Tag.jpg
Info cloud with "tag" and "patron" selected. Think Jonathon Harris and wefeelfine, but not, you know different but similar. Sort Tag Patron.jpg
Now the user has selected a piece of info and it displays what ever it displays, author, comment, tags etc.

Is this orange box different from the blue/teal comment boxes? How? Jfunston 00:36, 14 March 2008 (EDT)

Sort InfoSelected.jpg
Now the user chooses to add a comment. Sort Tag Com SelectedInfo.jpg
Now the Keyboard pops up, it has fields to tag, comment and program the bookmark if needed. We discussed having this info available on the keyboard all the time, I can't remember what or if we decided on it. Anyway... we kicked around a few loose ideas for programing the bookmark, ie: the RGB color field at the bottom and the buttons associated with possibly programing a pattern for the Booky-M. We were thinking poke a dot, poke a color, then that color is associated with that dot in the Pattern. Ben has a drum sequencer idea, he could explain it better than I so I'll let him. Not resolved, but we are thinking it through, this is a tough part in the layout. There is a test and save option and the eject feature has been left by the wayside. Adios. Feedback would be great if you have time, if not we can hopefully discuss it it class. See you all then.Jirla 02:08, 11 March 2008 (EDT)

This is much more clear, good job. I think you need to add LIGHT or LED's after the "Program Bookmark" so people know what that refers to. Now to make it elegant in the design...Robert_Ransick

Progarm Pane.jpg

Must Log in to leave message

Here is a page for the Must Login sort of error when a Patron try to comment without being logged in. Like the little yellow bubble says, I imagine this as somethong which can disappear on its own after a second or three.Jirla 15:46, 10 March 2008 (EDT) MustLogin.jpg

Browsing Revised

Here is a revised version of the browsing based on Jason and my previous Ideas as well as our discussion in class. The main changes is that now there is a color signifying different types of media. The size of the message is directly proportional to the number of messages on the book. The more messages on a book the smaller the messages are, this will make it easier to view many messages on a book with many messages. It is set up also so that as you touch the various message bubbles you are able to read the rest of the message. (I stole this idea from here [[1]]) If you lift up while touching a message bubble it comes to the center and shows more information.Dmeresman 18:27, 14 March 2008 (EDT)

It's heading in a more clear/articulate direction, but there needs to be a very strong design for this to be clear (the link you provide is an okay example.) You should also be dealing with age and time--how do i know which are new or old and how old? I had mentioned having some text on the floating elements that corresponded to what was to be found once selected, but you were both very against that--what has changed?Robert_Ransick 10:08, 16 March 2008 (EDT)

WIREFRAME Browse Revised.jpg

Docked Bookmark Functionality During Browsing: Outside of Sort

While browsing with a bookmark docked, the current message that is paired with that bookmark will appear noticeably different than the other messages, probably simply in a different simple shape. It will be grayed out if it is not in the active sort. The patron can select it at any time to go back to the view from when they docked the bookmarkDmeresman 18:27, 14 March 2008 (EDT)
WIREFRAME Browse Bookmark Inactive.jpeg

Docked Bookmark Functionality During Browsing: Inside Sort

When the message currently on the active message is inside the sort it will appear in a different color than the other messages. Dmeresman 12:41, 15 March 2008 (EDT) WIREFRAME Browse Bookmark Active.jpg

Docked Bookmark's Message Selected

When the docked bookmark is selected it retains its different appearance.
WIREFRAME Browse Bookmark Selected.jpg

First Time Book Is Scanned

This screen would pop up the first time a book is scanned that has no messages or tags. The only information on it is the Title and the Author and it has links to let the user leave a message or tag the book. Dmeresman 19:19, 15 March 2008 (EDT)
WIREFRAME Initial Bookscan.jpg

Message Leaving With Bookmark Docked Revised

This is the screen that would show up when a patron is leaving a message on a book when they have a bookmark docked. In this particular instance it is on a book that does not have any messages left on it and was just scanned by the patron. The bookmark programming happens in a drawer that comes out of the keyboard. It can be collapsed back into the keyboard by the patron. The patron selects one of the circles and then a spot on the gradient to create the pattern for the LED, or they can simply select the random check box. If the user wants help on how to program a bookmark there is a question mark link. Dmeresman 23:34, 15 March 2008 (EDT)
WIREFRAME MessageLeaving Bookmark Revised.jpg

Message Leaving Without Bookmark Docked Revised

This is the screen that would show up when a patron is leaving a message on a book when there is no bookmark docked. In this particular instance it is on a book that does not have any messages left on it and was just scanned by the patron. Not sure why I put the keyboard partly off the screen in the last one, but it's in the right place now, also I added the question mark to the key even though there isn't one in this screen because I forgot on the last one. Dmeresman 23:47, 15 March 2008 (EDT)
WIREFRAME MessageLeaving Revised.jpg

Must Log in to tag
Book Linking Window (asks to scan second book)
Bookmark Dock waiting screen Logged in
Bookmark Dock waiting screen Logged out
System will logout in x seconds screen


Wireframe elements

This is somewhat sketchy, as I am waiting for some response from the boys on some of the details, but this is a start.

Login Box

  • Two text entry fields (patron, password), must check with database
  • Login button
  • Login status text (logged in/logged out/invalid login)
  • Help/Info button
  • Static
    • Jess I think this is correct for the most part, I did however think we as a group/class decided that the Help/Faqs would be the same thing so that we only really need one of them as a button. I chose to use Faqs in my UI roughs, but that could easily be changed to Help if the group feels it is a better choice.Jirla 12:07, 15 March 2008 (EDT)

Bookmark Title

  • Graphics only. Link to "home"?
  • Static
    • Static only, at least that's how I see it. Robert may want it to be a link, but there really is no home so I don't know what it would link to.Jirla 12:07, 15 March 2008 (EDT)

Info Box/Nav bar

  • Links (Help, About Bookmarks, FAQs, Inbox, My Bookshelf)
  • Static
    • Links in the Nav. box are as of now, Faqs, About Bookmarks and search. I feel like I am forgetting something so if anyone remembers what that is please please please let me know.Jirla 12:07, 15 March 2008 (EDT)
    • That list sounds right, don't think it's missing anythingDmeresman 13:12, 15 March 2008 (EDT)
    • Based on our conversation yesterday, "Faqs" is changing to "Help" Dmeresman 13:33, 17 March 2008 (EDT)


    • Yes, but I don't know how that will work???Jirla 12:07, 15 March 2008 (EDT)

Search Box

  • Text
  • Text entry boxes
  • Search button
  • Animated?
    • Yes to the first three, animated in what sense? I see it as something that appears or pops up, but does not float onto or into the screen. It should just appear in the screen I think.Jirla 12:07, 15 March 2008 (EDT)
    • Jess, I have added a "close" button to the search box, just incase the patron changes their mind. I felt they should be able to close the box if they wanted to change the direction of the experience.Jirla 13:58, 15 March 2008 (EDT)

Tag Box

  • Updated text (current tags)
  • Text entry box
  • "Tag now"-type button
  • Animated?

Comment Notification Box

  • Updated text (how many new comments)
  • "See comments" link
  • Static
    • Yes.Jirla 12:07, 15 March 2008 (EDT)

Help/Info Box

  • Text only
  • Animated?
    • Yes, text only, pop up like I tried to describe above for the search box. If anyone feels differently please say so.Jirla 12:07, 15 March 2008 (EDT)


  • Huge!
  • 40 or so buttons
  • Text display
  • Must animate all together
  • Scrolls onto screen
    • I don't think it needs to be huge. But I think you have the idea of it right. Don't forget there will be a bookmark programing drawer of some sort. It will probably be animated to slide out from the keyboard if there is to be an on screen KB or it will slide in from off screen, somewhat like the dock does on OS X.Jirla 12:07, 15 March 2008 (EDT)

I'm sure David will have some thoughts on all of this and will also add clarity or corrections to what I have said where needed. Thanks Jess.Jirla 12:07, 15 March 2008 (EDT)

  • The Keyboard won't necessarily be huge, I think once we get a good look at the 23 inch screen we can more easily decide how big the keyboard needs to be for it to work right.Dmeresman 13:12, 15 March 2008 (EDT)
  • Well I have all the UI files set up at the 23" resolution or size 1920px X 1200px. We should be able to get a pretty good idea of what size the keyboard is without the physical monitor, I think.Jirla 13:42, 15 March 2008 (EDT)

Version 2

Home Screen Idle

Whenever someone comes up to the screen this is the first thing they see, I'm not sure if the "you are not logged in thing should show unless someone is actually using the system to prevent burn in.
WIREFRAME Home Version3 Edit2.jpg

Home Screen Interaction

This image shows some interaction with the home screen, it shows the user browsing information by rolling over various information. When the patron clicks on a message it previews it where it is and displays a plus sign. When the patron clicks on the plus sign it expands into the message window. Dmeresman 17:05, 25 March 2008 (EDT)
WIREFRAME Home Interaction Version3 Edit5.jpg

Message View

In this image it shows that the patron has just "clicked" on the message that they were previewing before by touching it and lifting up. It is now viewable in the center of the screen and other messages have moved out of its way. As soon as the patron views a message in the message view pane it becomes added to the history. There is an indicator that shows that it is sorting messages by the book title. Dmeresman 16:42, 28 March 2008 (EDT)
WIREFRAME Message View Version3 Edit3.jpg

Logging In

The patron is now logging in. They put their full name and student ID number into the login box and press the login button on the keyboard. There is a "Forgot Login" button below login fields that would link to the help page.
WIREFRAME Message View LoggingIn Version3 Edit6.jpg

Logged In, Sorting by Book

The patron is now logged in and sorting by book title. When the patron logs in, any messages they viewed while they were logged out are added to their account's history.
WIREFRAME Message View LoggedIn Version3 Edit4.jpg

Message Leaving

When the patron selects either leave a message or tag, the message creation screen comes up. It now is set up so the input boxes and previous messages are in a drawer over the keyboard. You can scroll by pressing the scroll buttons.
WIREFRAME Message View LeavingMessage Version3 Edit.jpg

Log In To Add Message

When the patron selects to leave a message when they are not logged in, the system will request that they log in to add a message. Dmeresman 23:52, 21 March 2008 (EDT)
WIREFRAME Message View LogInToLeaveMessage Version3 Edit4.jpg

Log In To Tag

When the patron selects to tag a book when they are not logged in, the system will request that they log in to leave a tag. Dmeresman 23:55, 21 March 2008 (EDT)
WIREFRAME Message View LogInToLeaveTag Version3 Edit.jpg

Keyboard with Bookmark Drawer

Here is the new keyboard with bookmark drawer. It comes up when a patron is leaving a message on a book when they have a It has the message leaving keyboard with the scrolling message viewing pane attached, and a new bookmark drawer attached. The patron programs the bookmark via the bookmark drawer by selecting the circles and then a spot on the RGB gradient. If the patron has any questions they can click on the "how to program bookmark" link. Dmeresman 16:11, 22 March 2008 (EDT)
WIREFRAME LeaveMessage Bookmark Version3 Edit.jpg


The new help screen takes the place of both the prior help screen and the prior faq screen. The patron gets to it by selecting help from the menu in the upper right corner. The screen is semi-transparent so that the patron can still see what is going on in the background, and has scroll arrows that the patron can use to scroll through the text. The patron can click on the "x" on the window to close it. If possible, I would like the various "How do I _____" links in the system all link to their relevant entries in the help screen, rather than to the top of the screen. There should be some sort of indicator in the upper right menu that help is selected. Dmeresman 19:56, 22 March 2008 (EDT)
WIREFRAME Help Version3 Edit2.jpg


The about screen is the same as the help screen except it has the "About Bookmarks" information in it instead of the help information. I've added a scroll bar, which will get added to the rest of the screens that have scrolling. It should make scrolling work better, and be fun to do on the touch screen. There should be some sort of indicator in the upper right menu that about is selected.Dmeresman 20:04, 22 March 2008 (EDT)
WIREFRAME About Version3 Edit.jpg


The search box is now a drawer coming out of the keyboard. The keyboard now has a "Search" button instead of a "Login", or "Leave Message". The categories for searching are Author/Director, Bookmark, Date, Patron, Tag and Title. You can scroll down to get to the later ones. Dmeresman 22:41, 23 March 2008 (EDT)
WIREFRAME Search Version3 Edit2.jpg

Dock Bookmark

This is the screen that will come up when the patron docks a bookmark. It will show the current message in the message viewing pane, and show other messages left on the bookmark floating around. The bookmark message viewing pane looks different in some way from normal message viewing pane. Dmeresman 13:46, 23 March 2008 (EDT)
WIREFRAME Dock Bookmark Version3 Edit.jpg

First Time Book/VHS/DVD is Scanned

This is the screen that comes up the first time that a patron scans a volume that doesn't have any messages left on it. The message pane pops up but with only the title, author/director, Tag, and Add message to this book options available. Dmeresman 14:49, 23 March 2008 (EDT)
WIREFRAME First BookScan Version3 Edit.jpg

First Time Book/VHS/DVD is Scanned if Bookmark is Docked

This is the screen that comes up the first time that a patron scans a volume that doesn't have any messages left on it. The message pane pops up but with only the title, author/director, Tag, and Add message to this book options available. The patron can see the current message on the bookmark they have docked in the background. Dmeresman 14:51, 23 March 2008 (EDT)
WIREFRAME First BookScan Bookmark Version3 Edit.jpg

Browsing With Docked Bookmark Inside Sort

When browsing with a bookmark docked bookmark, the current message on the bookmark will be on the screen no matter what the sort parameters are. If it is inside the sort, it will be visually different though than if it is outside the sort. Dmeresman 15:17, 23 March 2008 (EDT)
WIREFRAME Brose Bookmark Active Version3 Edit.jpg

Browsing With Docked Bookmark Outside Sort

When browsing with a bookmark docked bookmark, the current message on the bookmark will be on the screen no matter what the sort parameters are. If it is inside the sort, it will be visually different though than if it is outside the sort. Dmeresman 15:17, 23 March 2008 (EDT)
WIREFRAME Brose Bookmark Inactive Version3 Edit.jpg


This is the screen that comes up when patrons select sort. They can sort by Authors, Books, Dates, DVDs, Months, Patrons, Tags, VHS, and Years. Dmeresman 15:37, 23 March 2008 (EDT)
WIREFRAME Sort Version3 Edit.jpg

Sort by Book

This is the screen that comes up when the patron selects "Books". I decided to make it a weighted list. The larger the words, the more messages are associated with it like in a tag cloud. The reasoning for doing this instead of representing each book/author... with an objectg, is that this way no matter how many books get entered into the system, it can show all of them at once. Dmeresman 19:22, 23 March 2008 (EDT)
WIREFRAME Sort Books Version3 Edit.jpg

Time Slider

To solve the problem of not being able to display every message connected to a specific, book, author,tag... much less every message in the system on the initial screen, there will be a slider for the patron to view older messages. This should have been on all screens. Dmeresman 19:22, 23 March 2008 (EDT)
WIREFRAME Time Slider Edit3.jpg


When a patron presses the link button on the keyboard, a drawer comes out of the left side of the keyboard. Dmeresman 12:30, 24 March 2008 (EDT)
WIREFRAME Link Version3.jpg

Linking, Invalid Bar Code Scanned

When a patron scans an invalid bar code such as the ISBN bar code, the system will tell them, and give them instructions on how to find the correct one. Dmeresman 12:33, 24 March 2008 (EDT)
WIREFRAME Link Invalid Version3.jpg

Linking, Valid Bar Code Scanned

When a patron scans a valid bar code, the linking drawer tells them what volumes they are linking together and a link appears in the message drawer. The link should be non-clickable in the message entry box and be noticeably different from the clickable links. Dmeresman 12:52, 24 March 2008 (EDT)
WIREFRAME Link Valid Version3.jpg


Based on the discussion in class I created a history box on the side of the screen. The history is a collection of all of the messages that the patron has recently viewed. When the patron logs in, the history fills itself with all of the messages that they had in their history already.
WIREFRAME History Version3.jpg