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Following are proposed behaviors for a message window when a Bookmark is plugged into the interface. If the user is not logged in, then once they hit add a message or tag or assign to new item, the login would be served. One thing to note Rebecca is the placement of the window will be nearly at the top to accommodate the keyboard with bookmark.

Screen 1: All options are made available -- adding a new message, new tag or assigning the bookmark to a new item.

Screen 2: Add a new message has been selected. When inputing a message, you no longer have the option to add a new tag or assign the bookmark to a new item. Note that a patron can cancel their message or save their message. Saving the message at this point takes the patron to screen 3 and the add a tag becomes and option again. Hitting "cancel new message" takes you back to screen #1.

In this scenario, the new message will be embedded into the bookmark, so the user has the programming option on the keyboard. The message window and bookmark do not close until a user selects "done" on the keyboard. If a user hits the close X on the message palette and have not entered any text the window closes, if they have entered text message #1 below will be served.

Screen 3: The new message has been saved. Add a new tag is an option again. User can skip a new tag and just program the bookmark or hit done. If the bookmark is not programmed by the user, there should be a default sequence that is downloaded. When done is pressed, serve message #2 below.

The add a new message is gone, since they did it already. You could program the message window to re-act to a touch inside it for editing -- but no explicit button will be made.

Screen 4: Add a new tag has been selected -- behavior is the same as the add a new message.

Screen 5: Add a new tag has been saved. User can program bookmark or hit done to finish up and close window. If programming bookmark, proceed to screen 6. If done is pressed serve message #2 below.

Screen 6: Program bookmark.


Screen #1: Served when someone hits the close X on the message window and had begun to input a message or tag.

Screen #1: Served when you hit done and the light program is being downloaded to the bookmark.

If someone hits "assign to new book..." and are logged in, the following appears. Note the patron name and date are present. Once the item is scanned, the "add new tag" and "add new message" appear along with item title and author/director.