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In most cases a large group makes it almost impossible to get anything done. In our case the opposite was true. In the beginning we talked about Architectural hiding places, and robotic gnomes wandering the floors. In the end we have developed a profoundly well thought out device that incorporates all of our intent.

Here is a photo of our prototype used during UI Testing. Bookmark.jpg

The book mark concept is an electronic device that enables library patrons to share and convey the "lives" of books they tag. Allowing them participation in the cloud that surrounds each printed work.

The UI test Consisted of three different teams, set on each seperate floor of Crossett Library. Using a paper GUI we talked/walked our users through the UI. In addition each group was video taped throughout, photographed for presentation purposes, and recorded via sound equipment. In a effort to better grasp and contain all that was said during this event.

Microvision Technology

Website:[1] YouTube [2]

I feel this is a very powerful tool for spreading information. It is far better than any of heads-up display options currently on the market. If the projector is the size of an erasure, it can fit anywhere. In fact Why couldn't you have projection jewelry? This is the power of light. . . . .

This allows for many possibilities, but it isn't too CYBORG:


I think the possibility of Bluetooth is something worth looking into, in terms of an interface. The issues presented in class are apt***, I myself rarely carry my phone. I don't believe, in this circumstance, that this is an issue. At the very least Bluetooth transmitters could be checked out. There are many reasons why I think this is a interface worth investigating. The most powerful is that it enables wireless access and communication with a strong bandwidth. [BlueSmiRF]

      • Concepts added during our exercise last class***

• e-mail alerts . . . . . .I COMPLETELY agree, I can not believe there isn't a campus wide list-serve for students, not simply for library use, but for campus interconnectivity I think this is vital to the community and should be implemented anyway. I am wholly surprised there isn't already one. No one like to receive excessive emails, it is because of that that very rarely do people flame the list. A list-serve is a community monitored bulletin board that can be the single most powerful tool for unifying a culture. No kidding! (smile)

•RSS Feed- I agree this could be aligned to achieve what a list-serve would accomplish, the aggregation would be the difficult part as the many various parties would have to all adopt the system or it would lose effectiveness.

• adding an interactive aspect to whatever interface we choose is VERY IMPORTANT

• in-library connectivity, I agree is as, if not more, important than connecting people outside.

Here is the project that made me think of this application:BlueWay

Another aspect that makes this technology attractive is that it is relatively easy to implement a prototype, built upon an extensively tested founding platform. BlueLon

An Introduction

. . . . my glasses play YouTube

. . . .my watch alerts me when my group is meeting in the library

. . . we control a fleet of Roomba's WIRELESS ROOMBA

. . . we spread Bluetooth across campus, with a simple request we can listen to an Audio version of War and Peace in Farsi GEAR

. . . so then we could control the world around us.

So there remains the question: " What about the Kiosk" Philips Samsung

There will certainly be an online aspect for this project, however a Kiosk in the library, preferably in the entrance, is vital for testing the success of our prototypes. The test group will be those who are already using the library, however their impressions are vital. An interactive screen in the lobby could achieve this.

and last but not least! GNOMES. . . .