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Initial Idea

In class I wrote: A little gnome robot would roll around the library. This gnome contains all the knowledge of the computers in the library. On it's belly there is a keypad, but generally the gnome will respond to voice commands. Basically, this gnome will help you find things you're looking for and will recommend things relating to your initial search. Perhaps there should be 1 on each floor, or maybe just 100 of them running around the library.

        • Maybe each gnome should have one of our faces.


One person said that it should serve coffee and have a stool attached to it's side. Another person said that it should be "attracted to sound" which I think is a good point. This would allow the keyboard to be eliminated and it would create a verbal conversation, making the gnome more human-like. Another person felt that they should be books that held all the knowledge. This person said that a book should be on each floor and it would interact with you. Someone else found gnomes terrifying, comparing them to the perfume ladies at the department store. The next person agreed that it was terrifying and suggested trained dogs instead. Another person thought that they should be in all the buildings and become mini libraries and help you out in time of need. The gnome would also have a "red phone" in case of emergencies, which would connect to the help desk. The next idea was "adopt a gnome" or "take a gnome home". Essentially, the gnome would become a "study buddy after the library closes." This person also suggested each gnome having different personalities. The following person also found the gnomes terrifying, but enjoyed the unexpected doing something unexpected. Someone else thought that some gnomes should point you in the right direction and some in the wrong.


Okay, so the actual creature doesn't matter and could be settled later, but why not an owl for now. This owl would travel around the library in a floating sort of manner. This would mean that it's wheels would be hidden from the rest of it's body. This owl is smart, because it contains all the library databases and can access the internet and translate it in conversational speech. This owl will only speak if it is asked a question. If the owl was asked to find a book, it would fly around the library and point it out by grabbing it with it's beak and pulling it out a tiny bit. It would then fly down to the ground and ask if any more help is needed. If no, then the owl will continue floating around the library and just become another white noise. The owls could also be placed in other buildings and help out in last minute time of need or even be used as classroom aids.