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My idea

I am going to write my original idea, post comments from others and then talk about how it changed due to those comments.

My idea from the last class was the browsing conveyor belt. It would have books from various disciplines placed on it and it would be contained within the walls. There would be openings in the walls where you could see the books moving and you could take them. The books would be in random order. Movement,browsing,curiosity,accident.

Comments from the class

1. Make it a smaller conveyor, or scrolling w/o a conveyor on a flat screen monitor. This would achieve the concept and all for other uses with the screens.

2. Agree with previous comment - books on a conveyor make it difficult to find what you are looking for. Could be similar to the Seattle library flat screen. What is the opportunity here? what makes it personal-why do I engage?

3. Agree with doing it virtually. Maybe it could be a screen saver that is on all the computers?

4. No! not virtual! The charm is in being able to reach down and pick up whatever passes your way. Patrons could add recycled books or send messages across the library.

5. What about object analogues? The objects going around the conveyor belt are dynamically updated themselves. These objects point to a book in the library. Thus the stacks stay nice and you have a more dynamic interface. There could be a mechanical arm game where you try to pick up the book you want.

6. Problem that needs to be addressed. What if the book you need is on the conveyor belt and you can't find it? Maybe it could be just that books that had just been checked back in and then they could continue circulating until they are put back on the shelves?

7. I think the physical act of picking up a book is more compelling than virtual. The act of grabbing it, the slight panic that it might get away.

8. How can you make it so it speeds up the book finding process?

9. Can you use colors in this in any way to make them discipline specific?

My new Idea specific to comments

The argument here is between virtual and real-time. Obviously a virtual conveyor would be more feasible so that is where this has taken my new idea. My new idea transforms the conveyor into a screen and a big button right below it perpendicular to it. Similar to the easy button that staples developed. This button could say Stumble or Luck or something like that. There is a screen and a button and that is all. You press the button and a picture of a random book comes up. The book rotates and you can see a 360 view of it. If you want it you press the button again and a sub screen comes up with a path to the book. If you don't want it then that is too bad, you only get one chance a day. It would be cool if pressing the button could give you a random famous quote from the book as well, or any book. The screen and button could change uses overtime and the button could be used for something entirely different from one year to the next.

I really like the inter action created by the Level head game. I like the idea of having the picture on the cube change when it moves and I like that it is sensitive to very subtle movements. I also like Lev Manovich's idea of multiple screens within one screen. I think it would be cool to incorporate the multiple screen idea with the cube to create a complex interface capable of relaying lots of information in a new and effective way.

I think the use of the memory spot technology could make what we create more interactive because the memory spot stores information in the object it is embedded in, whereas rfid doesn't.