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Idea Discussed in Class

Augment some of the Carrels to make them a more interactive space, to change the carrels into a point of communication, a resource for an exchange of thoughts and ideas.

  • Post it notes with ideas, quotes and thoughts or touch screens instead of post its
  • Turn them into white boards
  • turn them into a different environment
  • Collage photocopies of interesting articles or chapters from books in the library with the call numbers attached.

I started thinking about this idea after the map survey David and I did. It is kind of a combination of that and the ideas that Adam, Ben and I discussed when we were grouped together. We should have a place to exchange ideas, a place to post ideas and have others comment on them. Adam and I were discussing taping off an area of the library and leaving post it notes for people to post ideas, thoughts, and comments. After doing the survey with David I felt like make some of the carrels in the library could be changed because most people don't even notice the carrels exist. Maybe people want it this way. Carrels are a very "single" space, where you are there to be separate, but what if you could use the space to be a with and a single at the same time. Most students according to the survey are visual arts students so it would make sense to have a visual way to interact and exchange ideas. The idea of also merging this with the hide-y hole idea would create more quiet cozy spaces, which was listed as something that people would like to change about the library.

Edit of Idea Discussed

After them comments I think that the augmented carrels should be a place where people can draw or write on the desk over a collage of articles/chapters from books. There could also be touch screen interfaces where people could leave notes, share ideas between the carrels and use the net. Scans your books/id when you sit down and it would tell you if anyone else had similar interests/were in your class/were also in your class. You could bring up a "shared white board" between you to share ideas on topics of interest. Help w/ study groups/ could draw or doodle. Save it and email it to yourself. There could also be post it notes for people who want to write things on the carrels that wouldn't be permanent, or organize ideas.
There could be carrels that are changed into a more solitary area, we could put up a curtain and make them more comfortable.
New idea: Have post it notes dispensers in the aisles like in a grocery store so people can write comments in the books.

Hannah - I think about this everywhere I go now. I was in the Student Center yesterday and thought how cool it would be if we could just write all over everything in there. I also agree that this idea fits well with Adam's Hidey Hole idea. I have this image of each carrel being its own little room with an entrance like the downstairs bathrooms but without the doors (to inhibit sex, obviously). There could even be a sensor system set up to indicate when a carrel is occupied. I like the idea of the touch screen, very Casa Segura, but I also am really into the idea of these carrels each having their own site specific content, ie. Carrel #1 is not the same as Carrel #2. I really like this idea and think it should be implemented straight away. - Jess

Comments from Class

  • Are there ways to attract people to these areas or would the purpose, in part to be the accidental discovery? accidental discovery
  • The idea of a community space within a private space? exactly
  • Make them more permanent like an archive of personal Bennington history. ex: writing on your desk during an exam. That was what I was going for with the collage of articles, something people can write on, draw on and change.
  • Place of least distraction, only do it on a few. That was the plan, yes.
  • Will people do it? hopefully Will people destroy it? hopefully not The carrels seem to be a place of intense personal study not a place where interaction occurs. The library seems to be a place of intense personal study not where interactions occur as well, and we are trying to change that too. And if we change it to be more social we allow people to opt out, or only have it on certain floors. The same way that this would only be done to a few carrels, not all of them. And if people do it or don't do it will be an interesting experiment in itself.
  • It could be similar to the coupon thingys in the aisles of a grocery store but instead of coupons a notepad or drawing screen. Could be.
  • This could become a resource for criticism of the culture and innovation for options of change. A library is for information, this would give it a voice. mmhmm
  • Turn carrels into dioramas that the community collectively creates, making environments in the carrels. I was going for that when I said turn them into a different environment.
  • will this work? This question is hard to answer, because really with any of these ideas who knows.
  • Paint the carrels bright colors and mount chalkboards inside them. I like the chalkboard idea, similar to the white board one, but why draw people's attention, why not let them find it for themselves? The bright colors to me are too much of a distraction
  • Touch screens, could leave notes, share ideas between the carrels, use the net, while in "your" space. Scans your books/id when you sit down and it would tell you if anyone else had similar interests/were in your class/were also in your class. You could bring up a "shared white board" between you to share ideas on topics of interest. Help w/ study groups/ could draw or doodle. Save it and send it to your room. This is a great wat to expand on the touch screens and exchange of ideas.
  • Why not make the carrels more solitary. We could. We could put up curtains around them and make the cozy, kind of like a womb, and then people would start talking about hide-y holes. It is an interesting idea, but wouldn't it just be harder to find them. I never work at the carrels because they don't look very comfortable, maybe we should change that. The idea is that if people don't use them how could we make them more used. Would making them more like Adam's hide-y holes be a good solution. We could make some of them more solitary/comfortable, some of them more social, and keep the rest of them the same. We could even make it so you have to climb up a ladder to get into one.

Comments on Other's Ideas

Rebecca's idea would could be merged with this one to create an intereactive carrel.
David's idea in a way has already been started. I found an article in the Washington Post about the plan for a world digitized library. A website where all human knowledge is digitized in 7 different languages and free. The website should actually be up by 2009. [1]