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What about taking a saftey aesthetic to develop a device that would assist in re accessing the existing library space? Sort of portable, sheer, scrims that could form a square around a user, and provide a nice seating apparatus.
Functional, comfortable, portable. If this was a sales pitch, thats what it would be
So much of our reading and discussion has been about intervention and repurposing existing structures and environs; the niche of augmentation is to alter an existing shape.
Taking alot of the ideas around the helmet I had made few terms ago, I think I'd like to adapt some of the existing ideas into a more clean augmentation of the intial genesis; the creation of a smaller space in a larger one: voluntary self containment.


With Team Testosterone's discussion on what is a fundamental question about the library, I was always thinking about accessability as the primary concern: how do we make intangible or difficult (to access) information accessable and at the forefront of our attention. So much of survey work is simple and common information that is simply overlooked or untapped because it is a few steps outside of a normal comfort catch; we need to work a bit more to access it. Because of this, most people don't.
What about documenting the experience a user has when engaging the library? I immediately thought of MTV's FEAR: a shitty show, but one with a pretty awesome technical array. I remember the camera mount apparatus was really freaking cool. Sure it might be pretty absurd, but hell, why not
In our talking with Fiona, and the merits of some good old fashioned "why why why?" I thought about observing facial differences when dealing with library tasks. Lets say you used IR to determine the exposure of the pupil, attempting to gage changes in focus and interest. Or body heat and rosiness of cheeks. It would be like tapping into the emotional tells of the user to indicate how they're ingaging internally to the existing space of the library and its psychotopography.
What about taking the unknowns and making them understood in a more poetic way? I'm thinking along the lines of the sound - makes - hotdog - smell device, but a bit more nuanced than a Ball Park Acoustometer. There's something interesting about converting data to another sense, but still having it be interesting. Part of Greenfeild's argument that I personally find irritating is the idea of Tangibles; peices of program that make data that much more real ( ie the Water fountain that increases in pressure based upon the size of your inbox.) Now, thats not to say that knowing the size of your inbox is unimportant or irrelivant, but its more the idea of Ubiquity for Ubiquity's sake, and that's no differant than making something entirely Flash and no Substance (like Laserdiscs.) To me, there is so much more than can be done with this extracted data, but it needs the miner to decide something facinating and not a banal peice of minutae (ie the soothing floor ripple.)
What about that same inbox-sniffing program is novel, new, and meaningful, and more importantly, what can be garnered from the snippets of information? Carnivore and a visualization can answer this question pretty well; any part of the data can be seen and made a spectacle of.


A big issue that emerged in discussing accessability was the fact that the library is inert for many hours of every day, and that there is no overnight capabilities with the current 'hours' arrangement. We had thought about how the space and its social aspect would change if it was open at 4:30; it could truly become the VAPA for the barn kids.