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Nobody is as smart as everybody...


Take control of your IDEAS and PUSH them further.

1. Post a synopsis below of the idea you shared in class.
2. Add to/edit/dimiss it based on the class comments and/or your own thinking about the idea.
3. Post any new ideas you have.
4. Post responses to other classmates ideas.
5. What is the idea with the most potential?
6. What are the strengths and what are the weaknesses?

All of your ideas and your commentary on other folks ideas should be informed by the following:

1. Our Readings (revisit them if need be)
2. The library survey--what do people want, how do they use the library etc. Use the information we have and your observations as inspiration.
3. Your observations of the space, patterns of use, maps etc.
4. Class guests

  • The vernacular of the building, as per Donald's visit.
  • Research methods and questions as per Elissa's visit.
  • Dunne and Raby's ideas about design for debate, critical design, the freedom of not having to be utopian etc. What happens when you disrupt convention or thwart commonly held belief systems and why would this be a rich avenue to explore or not within our site.

5. What opportunities do various technologies present? Be specific in relation to our ideas.
6. Current arts practice

Further reading about projects/practitioners (look at all):

An object that gives you the choice to bring to life a flurry of predetermined forms out of a sterile emptiness where you are undeniably aware of being the creator.

Ben Hooker
Data Souvenirs:
Data Nature (generative systems!):

Find at least one (there are many) conflux project that you think is inspirational (these are projects in public urban space influenced by the Situationist International and ideas of Psychogeography:

Interview with Milk and Tales:

Interview with HeHe (data visualization in public +more):

Information R/evolution:

Sony's Revolution will not be televised:

Air Projectors Rock:
And I want one:

Take a look at the projects of Haque Design and Research

The Details

Ben Choiniere
Jess Funston
Rebecca Grabman
David Meresman
Luce de Palchi
Kyle Schroeder
Hannah Wolfe
Jason Irla
Adam Freed

Oceana Wilson
Robert Ransick
Joe Holt
Preston Noon


Pocket Projectors: