AL Finishing

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  • Get fuse switches and integrate into electronics. (Preston, Joe)
  • LED diffuser covers for chargers. (Preston)
    • Get charger LEDs ready for extension.
  • Solder wire leads to copper rings. (Preston, Ben)
  • Get all arduino packs working and ready for installation. (Jess, Preston, Joe)
  • Pack forms with arduinos and glue. (Robert, David, Hannah)
  • Put felt bookmarks onto forms.(Robert, David)
  • Install docks on all stations. (Ben--talk to Joe)
  • Get graphic lettering re-printed. (Robert, Jason)
    • Install on cabinets.
  • Documentation - still and video. (Robert, Jess, Rebecca)
  • Sync bookmarks and database (serial number, form, etc.). (Joe, Hannah)
  • Update database with new books, patrons.
  • Install iMacs in cabinets. (Joe)