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Photographs from the Seattle Public Library, January 2008

Riding the escalator from the third floor up to the 5th floor Mixing Chamber. Visibile is the Living Room area, with fiction, featured books and magazines.

braincast by Tony Oursler

Looking from the Mixing Chamber onto the Living Room. The carpet was specially designed for the library by Petra Blaisse.

Looking the other direction from the Mixing Chamber area. That's the 5th street entrance and the Microsoft Auditorium.

The single, narrow escalator up into the Book Spiral, aka Heaven. The stairs to the left lead to the fourth floor meeting room floor, aka Hell.

Hell, aka the fourth floor. The text in the numbers (see the 3?) are from Robert's Rules of Order. At least they're not Robert Ransick's rules of order! :D

The porthole window that looks out from the fourth floor and through braincast. This man did not notice me photographing him.

The busy Mixing Chamber! View from the Heavenly Escalator.

Somebody looking for a reference book. Taken looking down from the 10th floor, near the Seattle collection, to somewhere on the 9th (?).

Looking down from the highest vantage point in the library (open to the public). That thing in the lower right hand corner is one of the projectors for Gary Hill's Astronomy by Day (and other oxymorons) which, I will be honest, is my least favorite of all the artwork in the building.