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AL Design

1 = critical
2 = should have
3 = would be good to have
4 = wishlist/2.0


1 Enter text messages – associated with specific bookmark and book.
1 Once a message is entered into the system, a patron can add tags to the book.
1 Patron can use the system to tag items in the library’s holdings without leaving a comment.
2 Patrons can see recent messages left on books they have commented on.
2 Option to link to media on other sites in messages(picture, docs, video).
2 Option to create inline links to other books, VHS, DVD,
3 Text entry via onscreen keyboard
4 Option to upload media (pictures, docs, video)


1 Book Author or Editor or Film Director
1 Tag
1 Patron
1 Book or VHS or DVD
1 Bookmark Name

Entering Into System

1 Scan book with barcode scanner
1 “Dock” bookmark
1 Click on message from idle screen/browse comments
2 Login

Login Methods

1 Local (in the library)
4 On line (remote access via the web browser)


1 Library patrons create accounts on first login.
1 Username = last name Password = ID#


1 Display recent messages while idle
1 Help
1 About
1 Screen to come up during delay when plugging in dead bookmark
1 Logout when Idle
1 Program Bookmark LEDs
1 There should be an option for “random” pattern
2 Have "random" pattern be based on some algorithm related to the book in some way. (such as number of characters in title)


On video from Joe/tech team:

I remember what I said about video the other week. It was that I thought any kind of media upload and display would be troublesome. First, I don't know of a way to do that in Processing, so we're left with some alterna-Flash interface or a simple HTML form post (you know what I'm talking about. Filename: _________ [Browse...]). Second, implementing the upload, server-side storage, etc. is almost certainly more than we can complete in the time that we have. The "plan b" that I remember discussing was allowing links in the comments, and following them (opening them in a browser) if you're not at a kiosk. This requires that the user upload their media to some other site (Flickr, Youtube, etc.) and then just type the URL into the message. Not the cleanest and not as sexy as showing the media in the UI, but I strongly suspect this is the best we can do.