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FCP 5.0 AV no see? list

by Paul Kyle 02/2006

This list contains just about everything to try to enable:

a. Viewing VIDEO and AUDIO via FireWire & DV deck b. Viewing in the Canvas window in FCP on the computer screen. c. Being able to record on the external FW DV deck

Try things in this order until you find the "cure":

1. If trying to view on TV set, make sure TV is on!

2. Make sure you have View (Menu) > External Video> All Frames set.!!! (If the ALL FRAMES option is grayed-out... jump to step 6 below and continue.)

3. Make SURE your Canvas window (right window) in FCP is set to "Fit to Window"... AND that it has not been "pushed off" the edge of the computer screen.

4. Make sure your CANVAS View Menu (Box Icon with broken sides) is checked on Image or Image+Wireframe... NOT just Wireframe.

5. Make sure your CANVAS View Menu is checked on RGB... NOT just Alpha.

6. Make sure your Final Cut Pro (menu) > Easy Setup... is set for DV-NTSC

7. Make sure your Final Cut Pro (menu) > Audio/Video Settings > A/V Devices (tab) > Mirror on Desktop > must be CHECKED. (If not, playing video will not appear in the Canvas.)

8. Make sure the "Log and Capture" Window is CLOSED and not just "hidden" behind other windows.

9. Turn off the power to the DV Deck, then turn it back ON.

10. On front of deck, make sure the INPUT select is set to "DV".

11. Re-check that your FW cable is well-connected at both ends.

12. Important: Quit FCP, then Restart FCP.

13. Now again, make sure you have View > External Video > ALL FRAMES set...