A. viticulosus

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Taxonomy and Systematics

Kingdom: Plantae

Division: Bryophyta

Class: Bryopsida

Order: Hypnales

Family: Anomodontaceae

Genus: Anomodon

Species: A. viticulosus

Species Description

Robust, dark green and dense matts, growing pleurocarpous with upright branches usually on rocks in shaded, most environments. Moist leaves erect spreading, papillose, without margins or teeth. Midrib present, running almost to tip of leaves. Leaves lanceolate and coming to a distinct point.

Specimen Description

Found on a partially submerged rock in Paran Creek on western edge of campus. Distinguished from A. attenuatus by the fact that branches do not appear to attenuate and leaves at branch tips lack a distinct pointed cell at the apex.


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