A. saccharum

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A. saccharum (sugar Maple)


Taxonomy and Systematics

  • Kingdom Plantea
  • Order Sapindales
  • Family Sapindaceae
  • Genus Acer
  • Species A. saccharum

Location and Habitat

This sample was found in a small mixed stand separating two fields. There was therefore high light availability. Contrary to this, sugar maples can tolerate low light availability. As seedlings they can persist up to decades with little light reaching the understory and then undergo rapid growth in response to a canopy gap. Sugar maples can also tolerate a large range of soil types, excluding sand and prefer cooler climates.

Abundance and Distribution

The species is found in hardwood forests across eastern North America. This particular specimen was found in a stand with one other sugar maple.

Distinguishing Characteristics

As with all maples, its bud scars and branches are opposite. Sugar maples have 3 vein scars, 3-5 scales covering each bud and buds are hairy. Its leaves have five lobes and grow to be about 20 cm in both dimensions.

Cuden April 30 2015