A. altercristatum

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Taxonomy and Systematics

Kingdom: Plantae

Phylum: Bryophyta

Class: Bryopsida

Order: Trichiales

Family: Polytrichaceae

Genus: Atrichum

Species: A. altercristatum

(Some sources list this species as a subspecies of A. undulatum.

Species Description

Unbranched acrocarp standing 1-3 cm tall, growing in patches on ground. Long lance-like leaves with small teeth beginning about halfway up. Thin, striped midrib covered by lamellae runs to tip. Leaf margins curve upward like a canoe. Upright cylindrical capsuls, 2-7 mm long, sitting atop 1-3 cm red stalk. Found on forest floor and in clearings.

Specimen Description

Found growing in a small mat on damp soil at the base of a maple tree near the pond. Stalks, but not fully developed capsules, appeared present on only a few individuals.


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