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September 2006

Was all Jamie Stewart: Xiu Xiu, IBOPA and Ten in the Swear Jar.


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September 2007

Angela McCluskey
1. God Bless The Child 
2. Know It All

Nico sent me God Bless The Child via IM sans introduction a few months ago. Angela’s from Glasgow, Scotland and has been living and playing in the US for the last fifteen years.

Hafdís Huld
3. Diamonds On My Belly 
4. Sumri Hallar 

Hafdís is an Icelandic singer songwriter and ex Gus Gus member featured in Reyka Vodka commercials (youtube it). Here we have an ode to piercings and a folk song about the end of summer. Íslanders seem compelled to cover their traditional tunes (Björk with Vökuró on Medulla).

Brazilian Girls
5. Homme 
6. Don't Stop 

The Brazilian Girls is one hot girl from Rome via Munich and Nice and three white guys from NY.

7. Dancing Behind My Eyelids 
8. Guilty Rocks 

Múm lost the other squeaky voice but gained Hildur Ingveldardóttir Guðnadóttir, the hardest-working cellist in Iceland with her own moody solo recordings (Lost in Hildurness) to boot.

Insert art (1.4MB Illustrator file).


October 2007

Instituto Mexicano Del Sonido (Mexican Institute of Sound)
1. Ok! 
2. Mirando a las muchachas 

Is Mexican DJ, Producer and EMI Mexico exec Camilo Lara's project. Samples of old-timey Mexican music with modern beats and scratches. I can't get the "¿Estan listos? ¡Okay!" out of my head.

3. Gimme The Power 
4. Here Comes The Mayo 

Straight-ahead rock hip-hop Latin Grammy winners from Mexico City. "Here Comes The Mayo" was heard in "Y tú mamá también" as Julio and Tenoche drove around the city. "Do you smell bread?"

5. La cadena de oro 
6. Mi bombom 

Andrés Mauricio Cabas Rosales is a popular Colombian musician. Laurel played these for me over and over as Spanish study in her depo in D.F. "Déjala caer ¡Mami!"

Calle 13
7. Hormiga brava 
8. ¡Atrévete te, te! 

Two brothers calling themselves Residente and Visitante and their sister PG-13 make up this Puerto Rican hip-hop reggaeton group. Overheard on the streets of Mexico City. They're also Latin Grammy winners.

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