2012 Sound Installation

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Example.jpg2012 Sound Installation Class Project Documentation will go here.


Main class page http://www.fddrsn.net/teaching/2012-bennington-sound-installation/


SEA (on facebook I guess http://www.facebook.com/groups/192964654108829/)

AV resources: Ben Paul and Peter from class.

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Students (add references to your work here):

Rebecca H. Blumenthal

Bob F. Danton

Robert DeLanghe

Miles Driscoll

Jo-Anne M. Hyun

Naneh Israelyan

Jeremy R. Kiracofe


Kyle S. Martin

Marlee J. Mendelson

Artist Presentation: Maryanne Amacher

Marvin Minsky on Maryanne

Ear Dance

Synaptic Island

clip from "Daytrip Maryanne"

Gregory P. Obis

Forest J. Purnell

Peter C. Reale Paul Panhuysen[3]

Riley M. Skinner http://wiki.bennington.edu/wiki/File:Riley_Page_1.jpg http://wiki.bennington.edu/wiki/File:Riley_Page_2.jpg

Gabriel Weinstock